Our New “Pied A Terre”

Welcome to Pied A Terre Blog and to my first post! Buying your first piece of real estate is one of those life altering decisions where you need to analyze yourself and the life you lead to find the right space, in the right space, that will ultimately make you happy.

Location Location Location: Houston has many trendy up-and coming pockets, spacious new developing suburbs and the established residential areas. Guided by my family’s old saying “It’s better to have the smallest house on the nicest block than the biggest house in a less established area, we decided to focus our search for a home in the Galleria/ Post Oak area. We had to be close enough to I10 and 610 for my husband to get to work everyday and close enough to the places we like to frequent. We did love the allure of the new up and coming areas but we didn’t want to risk buying something in a too trendy area only to have it’s popularity fade out in a few years.

Condo vs House: We decided on condo living because we like the easy maintenance that comes with condo, the safety while living in the city, the view, our particular unit and the possibilities we saw in it. We walked in, knowing we were looking for a remodel, and saw that possibility.

At the end of the day (many condo- hunting days) we wanted a place that needed updating and  styling to our own taste, and we are more than thrilled to begin the challenge!

Below is the original layout of our little place in the city.



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