Walls Down, Ceiling Up!

The most important goal in this remodel was getting more space. The ceilings in all major rooms; bedrooms, living and dining reach a luxurious  height for a 1980s condo. However major space was lost in the guest bath, kitchen and laundry room due to lower ceilings and a previous owner who had decided to turn the dining room into a bedroom??? Odd. Right away we knew the wall dividing the living and dining room was coming down. The wall was easily recognizable as an empty, non-load bearing, drywall with no electrical in it. The ceilings were trickier. I had no idea that the low ceilings were actually boxed in that way ( for style? save money? no idea) and it took a contractor, who had worked on many units in the building, to assure me the ceilings could be raised.

The demolition phase of the remodel is nearly complete. It takes a little imagination seeing a demolished place with the potential of your vision, but it is so exciting  to see the space opening up with the removal of the carpet, random drywall and a couple of ceilings.




wall down




ceiling up


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