My Measures and Dimensions Revelation

Wow, do I wish I had known about this app sooner. Rather than tirelessly plotting measurements on a floor plan or printed out pictures My Measure & Dimensions allows you to add the dimensions right onto the photo and share or store them.

Flash back to my first attempt at measuring and plotting dimensions: I had print-outs of floor plans and enlarged photographs with pen marked measurements. Some rooms were done well but others  were so bad that my dad (a professional architect/ designer) was on a minute-to-minute roller coaster of emotions that went from frustration to tears of laughter as he looked though my stack of papers. He later commented that trying to make sense of my work was like trying to decipher ancient documents of a lost civilization, like the dead sea scrolls.

Soooo yea I wish I had this app sooner… It’s so simple, and makes you look organized (even if you’re not).

This is a great tool for remodel DIYers or type A people. It’s great to have all the dimensions you need clearly organized while you’re shopping for your home renovation, furniture, communicating with a designer etc..

Here’s an example of what I did: roughly plotted measurements on the photo I took below  will be super helpful when I go out looking for potential window treatment quotes. Knowing myself I would have my contractor or the window treatment company verify my measurements before I go order/ buy anything that needs to be installed.

Guest Room Window

Have you found a renovation or decor app you love? Please share it with me! ~


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