The Shower Head

You know you’ve reached THAT certain point in your life when you get excited about ordering shower new heads. Yes, maybe you know it too; that point where you are falling asleep earlier, waking up earlier and hangovers last 2 days… right, well I’m really excited about this one shower system coming my way.  The frustrating thing about purchasing intimate home appliances riddled with personal preferences is that you can’t try them out before you buy. Would it be nice to shower under a simulated tropical rainforest?  Sure. Can I shampoo my hair while staying warm in the water flow? And does it get all the shampoo out???? Meanwhile I know there’s a Seinfeld episode that’s already tackled this: “Its low flow”!

But let me tell you why I’m excited about this shower head; the Delta® H2Okinetic™ boasts more coverage, more intensity and more warmth without actually using more water or heat. The shower head channels the water through chambers which spins the water around and releases  it onto you in wave pattern, annnnnnnd that pattern is supposed to create the feeling of more water. Smaller carbon footprint without loosing comfort.

Here is the particular model we ordered for the guest bathroom, that will go over a tub, hence the spout. I love the contemporary and simple design with the chrome finish making it look so clean. Below you can watch the Delta video explaining the H2Okinetic technology.

Delta T17453-H2O Chrome

The Delta T17453-H2O is prefect size, shape and cost for this remodel, but if you’re looking to step up your shower game check out the artistic hardware on Trendir.


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