Weekend Picks

This weekend I watched the 1979 film “Manhattan” and was inspired by the black and white film that was filmed as such solely to give  New York City a “great look”.  This week I’m stealing that idea from the cinema pros with ways to give your space a black a white look.  The Weekend Picks are sleek metropolitan [and a little trendy ] ideas perfect for a Manhattan inspired Pied-a Terre.

1. B&W Architectural  Photography: Bring the best of city into your abode.

Framed black and white photography by photographer Andrew Prokos in Merchant’s House luxury condominium building.

2.  Art-like seating: Because you want your guests to wonder where they should sit.

“Bucefalo” by Emanuele Canova

3.  Conversation starting whimsical chairs.

Acrila Chairs

4.  Chess Set: Because every intellectual must have a chess set in their home.

Skyline Chess Set- in prototype phase.

5. Bedding. But you wont be eating chinese take out in these luxe sheets.

Restoration Hardware: Italian Tipped Satin Stitch Bedding Collection


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