5 Classy Ways to Get More Space in Your Place

Moving into a new place, totally redecorating or adding and editing to your decor, you know, when it comes to your pied-a-terre size matters… well..err.. I mean getting the most out of your space is important. That’s why I have put together a quick list, of professional tried and true ways, to use decor and furniture to maximize what you have.

1) Mirrors:

The foremost key of creating the illusion of space is the use of mirrors. Mirrors add the depth of the room it reflects. In the same turn you don’t want to start hanging mirrors everywhere. Consider the areas in your home that would benefit with more space: the master bedroom, the entry way, the dining room and or living room. Consider hanging a antique framed mirror in place of where art work would go.

Now, there is this thing, where people cover whole walls, floor to ceiling, with a slab of mirror. That is not in my personal taste but it does make the room seem double in size. I would recommend it only if your decor is so chic that seeing double of it is to everyone’s benefit, like this:

Traditional Home Photo by Emily Followill

Not this:

2) Colors & Patterns:

From walls to ceiling to furniture; lighter colors that reflect light will help smaller spaces while dark color that absorb light will darken the rooms and make them seem smaller, foe example when women wear black for the sliming effect [like, duh!]. Crisp, cooler hued white walls and clean lighter floors will open up a space. If you like patterns keep them minimal and complementary. This isn’t the place to have a mishmash of patterns, texture ranges and objects- no matter how eclectic and hip you are. See below the white walls, table, chairs, rug, light floor, mirrored wall and reflective white hallway. The accented dark wall works because of how much though was put into opening up the rest of the room.


3) Shoe Rack :

Consider [if you have a great shoe collection or plan on having one] a built in shoe rack in your laundry/ storage room. Build into the wall if you can, convert a linen closet into a shoe closet, or add shelves to the wall to line up your shoes. This method beats those ugly shoe trees, over the door organizers and doesn’t clutter your closets: win, win, win.

Nina Garcia – Showroom style shoe display in dressing room.

4) Low Platform Beds/ Vertical Decor:

The lower bed gives you more space, period. Dressing the bedroom walls with higher vertical decor creates the illusion of vertical space. Pull double duty on space maximizing illusions and bring in some mirrors too. See below the statement high headboard and vertical framed mirrors on either side, just above the night stand, text book perfect.

Restoration Hardware Bedrooms

5) Have a Plan:

Much like in life organization trumps intelligence and creativity. Have a plan about what you want out of your home and what you want to spend. You will make wiser decisions. If your goal is to make your Milan apartanmento, or LA bungalow spacious, make a plan, follow said plan and be amazed with your results!-


2 thoughts on “5 Classy Ways to Get More Space in Your Place

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    These are so good tips! Thank you so much – I need some extra shoe space

    • beatricebrody says:

      Don’t we all need extra shoe space! ;), Im glad this post was of service to you! Hope you will follow xoxo

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