The Tilemma: Life Lessons in Choosing Tiles For Your Home

Life Choosing tile is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

We drove out to San Antonio to look at tile samples and narrow down a final selection of options we had been looking at online. Four different tile selections were needed all of which had to be in stock as we were not waiting for backorders.

Floor: 1 tile that will go throughout the rooms, kitchen, living, dining, bedrooms and both bathrooms. This tile would also make up the wet area in the master bath.

Second Bathroom Walls: 2 contrasting tiles that would go in the wet area of the second bathroom and above the vanity, behind the mirror.

Kitchen: 1 tile for the backsplash in the kitchen. It was imperative that all the tiles we looked at were stock.

photo 5

After much deliberation in  the tile showroom we settled on all the tiles except for the the floor. We took the top three favorite to the condo to see how they looked taking in account the lighting and space they would ultimately be in.

With the floor tiles in the condo we were quickly able to determine what we liked and did not like. Disliked the bigger grey tile because it 1) looked too much like a cement floor in lighting and 2) have lines that divided the big square tile into three smaller plank-like sections. Disliked the lighter tile because it matched the color of the carpet [which I don’t care for] as being in natural lighting brought out a rosy hue.

photo 4

The third tile was looking pretty good. It was large, grey and white without looking too much like cement. It looked great with out paint and decor samples we had and the guest bathroom tiles:  a smaller taupe/grey tile and  a gorgeous “snow white” crushed glass tile.

photo 2

The Tilema:

Low and behold, days later, after reserving the floor tile stock we needed, when we went to place the actual order the [reserved] floor tile stock has disappeared. Chaos ensued, dreams were crushed and tears were shed. While the tile company in San Antonio was trying to locate the tile they had reserved us they also had just received a new tile we hadn’t seen that was very similar to the original. They overnighted it that same day. Next morning  we set the “new” tile down next to the “old” one…

photo 2

….and like it so much more! It was slightly bigger, had more white veining, was smoother, was made in america and therefore less $$$$ than the “old” Italian tile. Done and done!

Then we received a call saying the “old’ tile reserve was found in Miami… well Miami can keep it.

If a lesson was learned here it was that when it comes to dilemma’s which are out of your hands; don’t stress, don’t get stuck on your old “plan”. Take immediate action, find a solution, your solution may be better than the original idea.


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