Techie Stuff: Sense Mother

Do you like to know about everything that happens inside your home? Curious about the day to day activities you don’t realized happen… like who brushed their teeth, how much water you are consuming or who has been rummaging through someone’s personal belonging? Meet Mother [Sense] the overbearing, boundary crossing ‘robo mom’ that’s on you like white on rice, recording your every move- but unlike your real mom, Sense Mother only monitors the things you TELL her to keep track of.

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Simply attached the cookies to objects [or people] in your home which you would like to monitor. These cookies transmit the information they pick up and send it to Mother. Then you track it’s findings on your Senseboard, formatted similar to reading a newspaper or blog,  that only you can access and delete when you want.

Mother’s detailed tracking abilities may be freaking a few people out however French innovators must be onto something as Sense Mother has won quite a few recognitions like ‘Label Observeur Design 2014’ and winner of ‘Engadget Best of CES 2014’.

Sense Mother

Would you welcome Sense Mother in your home?


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