5 Steps to Get You Started [and take the stress out of] Decorating Your Space On Your Own

The first time purchasing furniture that doesn’t include an Allen Wrench in assembly is both exciting and daunting. Excitement for the possibilities. A rite of passage where we take control of our habitat and begin to make our proximity reflect us as individuals [or couples]. Daunting in that we hope to have a successful habitation of our home and wanting to invest in it correctly. But how do we know how to? Being organized is the best way to successfully accomplish anything, alas I share with you 5 steps to help you get organized and stay stress free while decorating/ redecorating.

1) Choose a design aesthetic. Rustic, Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Modern, French Country etc… Knowing what you want, what you like and what makes sense in your home is half the battle!
The city your pied-a- terre is located in can help guide you in the right direction as well. For example a Rustic loft in Austin, TX and Beach Style bungalow in Santa Monica, CA are quite fitting aesthetics in relation to location.

2) Get a printout of your pad’s layout and sketch out your ideas for furniture placement. Even if you are no artist and are marking X’s and squares for furniture placement. Draw yourself a few different ideas considering a focal point in your space such as a window, fireplace or..gasp television. Experiment with different ideas while still keeping in mind the furnitures relation to one another. Exercising your creativity will help you come up with solutions to your design dilemma’s should you have any.

via Regan Billingsley Interiors

3) Measure everything out before you buy anything, not only making sure it fits in the allotted space but ALSO makes it down the hall or into the door of your place! This is pretty common knowledge: but you don’t want to be in your hallway realizing the sofa won’t make it around the 90 degree bend. Storing your rooms measurements on a smartphone with an app like My Measurements has been really handy for me. If I happen to pop into a furniture and/ or antique store I have all my room dimensions on hand.

4) Fall in love after you buy and don’t buy unless you love it: conflicting yes, but there is SO much out there, don’t get pressured into buying a chair you aren’t 110% sure about. If I’m buying from somewhere like Restoration Hardware I’ll go visit my piece of furniture see how I like it in a week or two, if it still fits my idea and vision in my dream home etc… I also know that they have rotating sales Being able to walk away gives you the power, especially if you are bartering at a vintage store or a area rug lol.
But when you buy fall in love and love it forever, unless there’s a great return policy.

6) “Let the price decide”. Age old wisdom from my award winning, designer/ architect father. I was seeking his council over a shade & drape dilemma; I liked the look of both skyline vertical shades vs drapes. The vertical shades take up less space and have a more contemporary look while the drapes take up more space and have a traditional look. After scrolling through options and showroom examples deciding on one vs the other was confusing. His advice “If you like them both the same let the price decide” opting for the less expensive option of course.

Happy furniture hunting!


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