That’s So Shady

Window treatments are very important when you are battling the summer sun from noon to sunset in Houston, TX. My ideal window treatments are not loud, printed or oozing with “personality”. They are, like the classiest people we know, demure, good quality, get the job done with little fuss.

Currently we are undecided between two styles of treatments: the contemporary vertical systems and traditional drapery.

Firstly I hopped over to a Hunter Douglas rep with my sofa, bed frame and paint sample, to check out the products they had to offer and get quotes. Though pretty set on white I toyed with the idea of grey.

photo 2-2

photo 1-1


Not fully satisfied with what I has seen I went online and found The Shade Store. I could browse different window treatment styles, select samples to get mailed to me for free and calculate my quote. Of course if I choose to move ahead with them they can send out pros to measure properly for their product.

Below are examples of the two styles we’re considering:

The sleek vertical panels take up little space and is typically the right style for a high rise pied a terre.

Vertical System via The Shade Store


Drapery can look more formal and tradition which we also like.

Drapery via The Shade Store

There are many styles of window treatments out there, what are your favorites?


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