How Flowers Can Make Your Desires Come True

This spring use flowers in you home decor to invite your wants and desires into your life. Every flower has a meaning, symbolism and use. For example a orange blossom symbolizes innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness. It is believed that you can obtain such things like luck or harmony simply by what flowers you keep in your home.

Now let’s get to bringing in some helpful, positive energy into our homes.

You Want:  Love and romance in your home:

The Flower to get: the Peony

 Often considered a symbol of female beauty is a sensual flower, believed to be a cure for love and romance, especially the pink ones. However it is not recommended in the bedrooms of older couples in order to prevent affairs with younger women.

image via flickr


You Want:  Health and harmony:

The Flower to Get: the Lotus

symbolizes the ultimate perfection; its purity is not touched by the mud from which it originates. In Chinese medicine, every part of the lotus plant, from roots to petals, has medicinal properties, thus making this symbol an even more potent feng shui cure for a healthy and harmonious home.

image via Miss Moss Gifts


You Want:  love and marriage or a cure for health

Flower to Get: Cherry Blossoms

 bringing in the energy of new beginnings, freshness and innocence.  The cherry blossoms is most often used as a love & marriage cure, but can also be used as feng shui cure for health as well as apple, dogwood, peach or other similar trees.

image via Pinterest


You want: For fertility and/or symmetry, success and order in life

The Flower to Get: the Orchid

considered a classical feng shui symbol of fertility, the orchid brings your home the energy pure natural symmetry. Having an orchid in your home is symbolic of one’s quest for perfection in any areas of  life. They represent abundance, perfection, spiritual growth, beauty and purity.

image via Pinterest


You Want: Rewards for your hard work:

The flower to get: Narcissus

believed to bestow the flowering of one’s career, talents and abilities, it is typically used as a feng shui career cure, believed to help one get proper rewards for his or her hard work. The white color narcissus  are used more often than their yellow counterparts when summoning career helping energies.

image via flickr


You Want: Luck and Balance

Flower to Get: Chrysanthemum

a symbol of ease and balance, all the while containing strong yang energy, so it is used to attract good luck to you and your home.

image via Pinterest


Information on feng shui & flowers via


-Beatrice Brody


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