Finding the Right Shade Of White Paint

Painting your walls white is no easy feat. Firstly you have to convince your contractor that, yes you want the purest white paint on the market, no beige or grey hues. And somehow even the paint dubbed snow white is missing its purity. I thought it would be as pure as snow, but it’s grey hue leaves me unsettled.

There are only two directions you can stray from basic white; the grey direction or the gold direction. At Sherman Williams I had a sample of paint taken from our white cabiniet sample color piece pictured below. I asked for them to make it as light as possible but still within the same family. The man helping me said the mixture contained 1 black drop and 2 gold ones and he would adjust it by taking out 1 black drop and 1 gold one. I also selected a couple of whites already in their catalogue. I left Sherman Williams with 3 paint samples: #1 the custom color we called Gardenia White, #2 High Reflective White #3 Extra White.

Back at the condo the contractor and I labeled the sample jars 1-3 and painted the samples on the wall number them in respect to their jar. Gardenia white was still too gold, and Extra White was on the gray side. High Reflective White was as Goldie Locks would say just right. The final step was making sure it matched the tile, which is extremely important of course.

 And our condo is one beautiful step closer to completion.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3

I feel like Goldie Locks…

photo 5

a beautiful match!

photo 4




-Beatrice Brody


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