5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Table [ and you ] Look Way More Interesting.

Take back your coffee table! Whether from a remote control and magazine mess or victim to too many magazine or blog decorate-by-number- how-to’s. This guide is not to tell you what product to buy but more to inspire you to let your coffee table be a representation of who you are, because you’re pretty interesting!

1) Hard Cover Books: about art or geography or a true niche interest.  Maybe you’re not totally familiar with the collection of Italian Master Drawings from the Wolfgang Ratjen Collection 1525-1835, but you can be! Find something unique with a cover that matches your aesthetic. The giant book on Chanel is not impressive and says nothing about you unless this book is on your walk-in closet’s coffee table where you keep your CC tweed suits. We all love Coco and Audrey Hepburn find something else.


2)  Unique Eye-Capturing Item: A interesting start of a collection i.e. an old camera from the 1920s or a unique piece of tribal art, or collection of model cars. Growing up my dad had a small collection of white model cars sitting on one of the coffee tables in our home. They were newer models of vintage Porsche’s and other makes, some convertible, all white and all a similar size. These 5 cars sat aligned like at the start of a race and looked so unique, a little whimsical and very polished. I started my own little collection of vintage brownie camera’s for my table.  My camera’s are not highly valuable but they represent a unique interest of mine. This vintage looking horse statue below could represent a love for the equestrian, wood work or the invasion of Troy. Whichever story it looks great.


3) Small Details:  pieces to go onto of the books- magnify glass with a cool handle or a few letter openers in a perfect row or askew. Vintage and consignment stores are a great place to find interesting items that we no longer require for practical use. Letter openers have a romance to them now and I think give an excellent touch of the past.


4) A Classic Tray: that doubles as place to put drinks when guests are over- achem clear liquids only please. I’m not too crazy about the uber popular white plastic trays I’m seeing a lot of, but regardless, a nice tray that you like and will blend well into your coffee table decor will fit the bill. Consider designer trays now or in the future like Alessi [no affiliation I just love them].

via Alessi


5) Keep it clean…. because mess is never chic.


The great thing about coffee tables is that you can add, take away or do a complete redesign yearly or as often as the seasons change and at the end of the day make you smile.

-Beatrice Brody




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