Remodel Progress: It’s All Coming Together

The kitchen Cabinets, wardrobes and bathroom vanities all arrived at the end of April and began getting installed this first week of may. It’ so exciting [and stressful] to see everything coming together and watching these walls and empty space turn into the home we have been trying to visualize in our minds for months now- like “yeah I think floating glass cabinets in the breakfast nook will look good and still leave us enough room to walk into the kitchen” -they do.  Next on the immediate agenda is to have the kitchen counter tops made as we have already selected our marble slabs, get the two bedroom window treatments and have “the glass guy” [ as our contractor calls him] come in for the bathroom mirrors and some other glasswork. All this plus the continuation of the kitchen and bathroom installments, overhang cabinets, backsplash some grouting and finishing up the bathrooms. We are looking forward to seeing this transformation in completion and to begin some serious furniture shopping!

photo 1-3

a very special delivery

photo 1-2

beginning of glass cabinet installation

photo 3-4

the kitchen so far

photo 3-2

kitchen cabinets

photo 1-2

guest room wardrobe in progress

photo 2-2

master wardrobe in progress


-Beatrice Brody


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