The Art of Living

If  you are looking for contemporary inspiration for your living space look no further [for the next five minutes anyways] than this case of life and art coming together for the “The Art of Living Exibit”. This exhibit ran from April 8-27th 2014 at the Triennale di Milano Design Museum featuring five Italian artists; Nicola Gobbetto, Paolo Gonzato, Marco Andrea Magni, Alice Ronchi and Francesco Simeti paired with Italian design companies; B&B Italia, Poliform, Martinelli Luce, Teuco, Meridiani, MDF Italia, Persol, BTicino, Potocco, Hodara Art Designer, Gardesa and Marazzi, to create ten mobil rooms in a contemporary representation of the daily art surrounding our lives that is home decor.

dining: art: Paolo Gonzato – Design: B&B Italia

living: art: Marco Andrea Magni – design: Potocco

boudoir: art: Nicola Gobbetto – design: Persol


kitchen: art: Paolo Gonzato – design: Marazzi

home office: art: Francesco Simeti – design: BTicino

in & out art: Nicola Gobbetto – design: Gardesa ASSA ABLOY

domestic SPA: art: Alice Ronchi – design: Teuco

Patio art: Francesco Simeti – design: Meridiani

reading room: art: Marco Andrea Magni – design: MDF Italia

relax: art: Alice Ronchi – design: Poliform

 -Beatrice Brody



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