London Loft Minimalism

Located in what used to be an industrial district south of London in Bermondsey, this open concept apartment is an example of historic and new construction merging together. The studio loft, originally from the Victorian period, characterized by it’s typical elongated shape and covered in red bricks, was turned into a  minimal, bright loft with a single bedroom overlooking a green inner courtyard. The project began in 2010, when the owner, a freelance photographer, needed a flexible living space to suit his businesses needs: a functional office apartment with the ability to turn into a photography studio. The architects from the design studio Form chose to create a large open living plan, kitchen with island, rectangular table, a seating area and a long shelf-desk for working. Next to that the bathroom, closet and laundry room, while the master bedroom is separated from the living area through a sliding wall. While the industrial character is evident throughout, the apartment has a cozy atmosphere due to the parquet floor of pine, recovered from an abandoned chapel,  and the whitewashing of all surfaces and fixtures, thus enhancing the interiors’ bright feel.

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