Weekend Picks



1.  For a change from the flower vase combo try a floating flower arrangement! Check out this great DIY from Rustic Weddings for ideas.

2. The center of the aloe vera plant has beneficial properties such as it’s ability  as alkaline the body, support the immune system and lower blood sugar [see here] . However it is bitter tasting and a slimy consistency makes it difficult for some to stand. Add it to your next smoothie and get the benefits without the bitterness.

3. Cutout one-piece swimsuits that can transition to dinner wear by adding pants or a skirt and then pop into the hot-tub are what European summer vacations are made of.

4. Mochi Ice Cream a delicious Japanese treat, great for summer entertaining. Ice cream on the inside with a sticky rice outer layer these little guys aren’t readily available many places however you can find them at Trader Joe’s!