5 Vanity Counters For Your Small Space

The vanity is an important place in a woman’s life. It’s our game-planing spot before we conquer the day, work, or a date and our wind-down ritual before bed.  You don’t need a giant boudoir dedicated to your vanity to feel luxe and more importantly, organized. Take a look at our 5 unique ways to redo [or add] the make-up vanity console for smaller spaces.

Glam Minimalist:


The Artist’s Vanity:


Shabby Chic Antique Vanity:


Blackout Boudoir:


Parisian Princess:

via Elle Decor 2012



4th of July Everyday Decor

There’s something about the American flag that transcends temporary holiday decor and has a lasting home decor appeal.  My favorite look is a vintage flag hanging on a white wall with wood detail pictured below. Next time you’re wondering what to hang on that empty wall space consider the star spangled banner. Happy 4th of July! #merica.

via lizmarieblog.com

via lizmarieblog.com

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via founterior.com

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via mom & dad 🙂

And of course I must include the original inspiration and the american yacht flag that I have seen for a good portion of my life:


Eco Kitchen Design: Flow2

A green concept kitchen innovated with simpler times in mind by Studio Gorm. The Flow2 Kitchen focuses on three major areas; waste, water and energy. Organized for efficiency it contains a functional space for just about every basic cooking need, like a herb garden that is watered by overhung drying dishes. Alas there is no refrigeration as it is described as a “plug-less” kitchen but the conter-top storage boxes help preserve bread, grains and roots. Take a look for yourself at Studio Gorm’s sustainable kitchen creation, well sized for smaller spaces too.

all images via studiogorm.com



Contemporary Plant Decor Ideas

One thing you miss out on when living in a high rise/ flat/ loft situation is a lush green garden. You definitely don’t want to skip on indoor greenery in your home decor as potted plants not only look good but they make your living environment a healthy one by purifying the air from toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Some of the best plants for air purification include the Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Dracaena, Mums, Bamboo Palm, Golden Pothos, English Ivy and Chinese Evergreen. When decorating a smaller space with plants it is wise to use sleek minimal plants and planters. Make use of  wall mounts, ledges, hanging mobiles and unused space above kitchen cabinets as you don’t want to eat up precious floor space.

Here are some awesomely crafted plant decor ideas for your indoor air purification project!

via living corriere

via living corriere

via living corriere

via infoti

Hydroponic planter holders by Danielle Trofe

via d-marcha.com

via decordots.com

-Beatrice Brody

Decor with a Pouf

Poufs are making a comeback and now there’s even more unique ways to play with shapes in your living space.  From modern lines to oversized comfy pillows there’s something for everyone’s aesthetic taste. Take a look at these elegant ways to incorporate casual seating in your home.

Collection Little Tom & Fat Tom, from designer Alexander Seifried for Richard Lampert.

Quartier di Claesson Koivisto Rune for Tacchini

Public space poof collection called Fjord designed by Patrica Urquiola for Moroso.

This neutral palate of leather, fabric or felt is designed by Nicola Gallizia for Molteni.

Naoto Fukasawa for Driade designed these sculpture like poofs meant to look like large stones.

60s influence design: Lievore Altherr Molina for Verzelloni.


-Beatrice Brody


Remodel Update: Balcony Make-Over

When you don’t have a garden you can easily access the balcony becomes your connection to nature and outdoor relaxation. Some prefer the wild “I’m in a jungle photographing rare animals” approach to decorating their terrace while others mimic spas or pool sides where they visualize sipping drinks and tanning.

Our approach is to make the balcony and extension of the living room with a more lounge/ manicured garden feel. The tile is already down as we used the same tile throughout all the rooms. As you can see in the plans below the floor continues through the sliding glass doors out to the balcony creating the visual of a longer living room. The furniture decor plans haven’t wavered in these past months and while the balcony is way down on the priority list, patio season is around the corner and we are anxious to enjoy it!

 The vertical direction and full tile hallway layout is not only more visually pleasing but it saved tile cutting time and we even have boxes of left over.


To fully cover the balcony in tile required 3 full tiles and 3 inch more of cut tile, in our opinion that would have looked a little odd. Our solution was to lay 3 tiles down, uncut, and paint the remaining space grey turning it into a “gutter” for the water to flow easily during heavy rainfall or plant watering.


To bring in a green and garden like feel we were inspired by Restoration Hardware’s [surprise, surprise] store layout in Highland Village.  We imagine two long rectangular planters with a boxwood [or a more Houston climate friendly] plant placed parallel to each side of the balcony wall.  The building is already quite private but this will add more privacy and some lovely greenery visible from the living room and entrance as well.


Restoration Hardware

For seating we are slightly at odds. One of us [I’ll let you guess who so your opinions are unbiased] likes the idea of a lounge-y, comfortable spot to get sun and read [ blogs ] books; hello stay-cation!  While the other wants to still maintain comfort but go more with the idea that we are extending the living room- makes sense.

Restoration Hardware Ibiza Lounge Chair


With our lounge-y option we would have small side coffee table for drinks and snacks [wine, cheese and crackers, yum! ]. While the traditional seating route allows for a taller table with the option of dining outdoors, croissants and coffee?. We have not looked extensively for the outdoor tables but below are two viable options.

Crate & Barrel Bluestone Coffee Table

Homelegance Factory Square Wood End Table


The final question: settle the score what seating option do you prefer?

-Beatrice Brody