Blackout Bandits Rx Smoothie

Today is my hubby’s birthday and though it’s Wednesday we live in a city that should be famed for its craft cocktails and artisan eats, so of course a delicious and indulgent celebration with friends is in the books for tonight. However the downside is work/ life Thursday morning. That’s why today’s foodie post is inspired by post birthday festivities, brunches and evenings out. Blackout Bandits Rx Smoothie is a great; rehydrate, get your life together and eliminate those toxins concoction. So the next time your feeling down and out seize the day with papaya, pineapple, coconut water and spinach, yum.

Papaya: has digestive enzymes to help process and clean all the poison you consumed.
Coconut water: has the hydration and electrolytes you need.
Pineapple: has bromeliad which is know for reducing inflammation and shorten recovery time following plastic surgery, among other things.
Spinach: alkalizes the body.



Kobe Kale Salad

I jokingly dubbed this salad recipe “Kobe Kale Salad” because it requires the chef to massage the dressing into the kale leaves much like the preparation in Kobe beef, however, unlike the Japanese steak , this dressing is not made up of sake [I’m sorry].

This is a great salad to prep at the beginning of the week [or day] and munch on through out since the kale leaves don’t lose their crunch.



Chili & Lime Mango on a Stick

Tropical temperatures of summer call for tropical treats and outdoor festivities. Taking inspiration from the south this easy and fun-to-eat mango treat will please just about any age range, and it’s good for you too! Mangos provide many health benefits including lower cholesterol, eye health and clear skin [see 10 Health Benefits of Mangos] . I recently discovered this mango on a stick snack at a local outdoor market. Adding a little spice to the typical sliced mango routine the receipe calls for chili powder, lime and salt. I used Pink Himalayan salt in instead of table salt because the Pink Himalayan salt doesn’t contain any additives or chemicals and provides the body with many minerals lost though out the day, especial in the summer heat. [ see more on Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits]




image via Who Is It



Five Ways To Stay [somewhat] Stress Free During Your Remodel

You got me. A stress-free remodel/ renovation doesn’t exist but out of personal and professional experience I can give you the easiest ways to insure you are less stressed during your remodel, short of hiring someone to worry for you.

1-Have a schedule: Be sure it’s clear and check it off, checklist style, as tasks get competed. It’s better to prepare yourself earlier and get work done ahead of time rather than postponing days or weeks because you think you have time to complete a job. That philosophy is rarely found in a typical contractor so it’s very likely up to you to delegate what you need done when your on a deadline. Completion of a job a head of time is one dream that will never come true as, more often than not, you will encounter obstacles and setbacks. Being prepared saves all the last minute rushing and possible late competition date.

2-Communication is key: Even if you think you and your contractor or workers are on the same page alway double and triple check. I advise to get things [ie changes made, or delivery notifications] in writing as often as possible. I’m not saying you want to draft up a new contract every time you have a change, something simple like texts or emails that way if a misunderstanding creates a bigger issue you will have it in writing.

3-Exercise: I’m never doing any hard labor, but the energy spent ordering shipments, overseeing work completion, meetings, certain defeating Lowes trips and just thinking about the remodel leaves me drained and headachy. I instantly feel better after a quick trip to the gym, walk or better yet dance class. Hello endorphins! My headaches are gone and I am (no longer a raging b–) in a way better mood to handle anything else that may come up.

4- Aromatherapy: Yes, I’m going to get all crystal-energy-hippie on you. Get a soothing sent of lavender or a special ‘calming’ blend. You can carry it around in your purse for handy access during stressful errands and/or dab a few drops on your pillow to help you relax at night.

5- Eat well: Depending on how you handle stress your diet can be greatly affected. Some people stress eat while other end up skipping meals, or [gasp] grabbing fast food! In turn your diet can affect your stress levels. Eating a nutritious diet will equip your body for all the physically and mentally draining work. For healthy eating tips let me recommend this great health and fitness blog by my good friend Holly Legare, since I ate a cheesecake for breakfast this morning.


-Beatrice Brody