White Washed Stable House

Transformed from an old horse stable into a charming country residence in Alcácer do Sal, in the Alentejo region of Portugal.  Architectural firm Atelier Data are the masterminds behind transforming this rural building to a contemporary  private residence. The stable was stripped clean, preserving only the beautiful sloped wooden ceiling and exposed beams.  Contrasting the original wood the walls were painted white creating a bright and fresh feel.  Decor and furnishings were kept minimal and linear, also designed custom by the firm Atelier Data.

photos via living corriere 


A Grown Up Tree House

German design studio, Baumraum architectures, has been designing tree houses for adults [and kids] since 2003.  They are real houses built between the branches, thus capturing the best landscape. Each house begins pre-fabricated and sized for a smaller living space explains Andreas Wenning, designer and heart of Baumraum, everything else is customizable; materials for the interior surfaces,  furniture etc. The installation is done without damaging the trees. There are no nails or screws that could damage the logs but rather systems such as fabric belts or steel cables that do not impact the branches and allow trees to grow undisturbed. All homes are custom made so the cost depends on the requirements. Tree houses built range from 10,000 to € 120,000, yes euros. Construction time ranges from 3-7 months with the only obstacle being obtaining permits, which are subject to local laws.

The featured tree house below is located in Puglia, Avetrana. The owner lives and works in Milan and wanted to expand their house for rental use: it features 8 square meters of indoor area with views of the surroundings. The interior is a minimal/ modern aesthetic. The wood interior surfaces bode well with the outdoor greenery and the modern furniture with modular pieces work very well in the small space.

images via living.corriere.it





Remodel Update: the Kitchen

The kitchen came with original cabinetry from 1981…ohhhh vintage? Not really. While the dated look along with small boxed in kitchen seem overwhelming and limiting [seriously why was everything in the 80s’ boxed in with low ceilings?] the transformation was exhilarating. Looking at the before and after you may wonder… is that even the same place????









Keeping the basic gallery kitchen concept, the ceiling was raised,  the entrance connecting the breakfast nook to the kitchen was opened and the breakfast bar added thus extending the kitchen into the breakfast room with stainless steel cabinetry along the breakfast room wall. This gave more room for storage. Opening the wall dividing the kitchen and the formal dining room made a huge impact. Not only does it add the much needed natural lighting and great Galleria view but opened the space up for easy entertaining, open concept feel without a “open concept” per se.

Cabinetry and design:  Downsview Kitchens | appliances: Miele | pulls: Restoration Hardware strande collection | faucet: Danze | track lighting: Tiella | tray & kettle: Alessi

Condo in SOHO

Want city life in SOHO without sacrificing space? Budget allowing, one option is two buy two units and merge them into one luxurious single residence. That is just the case for this condo, designed and created by CCS Architecture it is located on the 12th floor of 505 Greenwich Street and has remarkable views. The walls of the previous units were completely demolished and the new space was created from scratch resulting in a total of 1600 square-feet of living space.

All rooms were designed along the five floor to ceiling windows getting the most possible light and view into each room. It has a open plan concept where then living room, dining room, kitchen flow into one another. The two bedrooms are located on opposite ends of the unit allowing for maximum privacy.

Decor with a Pouf

Poufs are making a comeback and now there’s even more unique ways to play with shapes in your living space.  From modern lines to oversized comfy pillows there’s something for everyone’s aesthetic taste. Take a look at these elegant ways to incorporate casual seating in your home.

Collection Little Tom & Fat Tom, from designer Alexander Seifried for Richard Lampert.

Quartier di Claesson Koivisto Rune for Tacchini

Public space poof collection called Fjord designed by Patrica Urquiola for Moroso.

This neutral palate of leather, fabric or felt is designed by Nicola Gallizia for Molteni.

Naoto Fukasawa for Driade designed these sculpture like poofs meant to look like large stones.

60s influence design: Lievore Altherr Molina for Verzelloni.


-Beatrice Brody


Remodel Update: Balcony Make-Over

When you don’t have a garden you can easily access the balcony becomes your connection to nature and outdoor relaxation. Some prefer the wild “I’m in a jungle photographing rare animals” approach to decorating their terrace while others mimic spas or pool sides where they visualize sipping drinks and tanning.

Our approach is to make the balcony and extension of the living room with a more lounge/ manicured garden feel. The tile is already down as we used the same tile throughout all the rooms. As you can see in the plans below the floor continues through the sliding glass doors out to the balcony creating the visual of a longer living room. The furniture decor plans haven’t wavered in these past months and while the balcony is way down on the priority list, patio season is around the corner and we are anxious to enjoy it!

 The vertical direction and full tile hallway layout is not only more visually pleasing but it saved tile cutting time and we even have boxes of left over.


To fully cover the balcony in tile required 3 full tiles and 3 inch more of cut tile, in our opinion that would have looked a little odd. Our solution was to lay 3 tiles down, uncut, and paint the remaining space grey turning it into a “gutter” for the water to flow easily during heavy rainfall or plant watering.


To bring in a green and garden like feel we were inspired by Restoration Hardware’s [surprise, surprise] store layout in Highland Village.  We imagine two long rectangular planters with a boxwood [or a more Houston climate friendly] plant placed parallel to each side of the balcony wall.  The building is already quite private but this will add more privacy and some lovely greenery visible from the living room and entrance as well.


Restoration Hardware

For seating we are slightly at odds. One of us [I’ll let you guess who so your opinions are unbiased] likes the idea of a lounge-y, comfortable spot to get sun and read [ blogs ] books; hello stay-cation!  While the other wants to still maintain comfort but go more with the idea that we are extending the living room- makes sense.

Restoration Hardware Ibiza Lounge Chair


With our lounge-y option we would have small side coffee table for drinks and snacks [wine, cheese and crackers, yum! ]. While the traditional seating route allows for a taller table with the option of dining outdoors, croissants and coffee?. We have not looked extensively for the outdoor tables but below are two viable options.

Crate & Barrel Bluestone Coffee Table

Homelegance Factory Square Wood End Table


The final question: settle the score what seating option do you prefer?

-Beatrice Brody