Glamping Interior in India

For those of us that must do everything in luxury and style has taken the ability to book the most stylishly-in-tune-with-nature getaways you can imagine. Want a tent in India with pluming and leather furnishings? Done. With locations in North American, South/ Central America, United Kingdom, Africa, Europe, Oceania, Asia and the Middle East you’ll find an exotic destination with a resort like glamp site that will suit your fancy [ ..and oh how fancy it will be!].

Below is the interior of the tents at the resort Aman-i-Khás, located north of Jaipur on the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park in India. As sanctuary for India’s exotic wildlife, Ranthambore is one of the best place to see wild tigers in their natural habitat. The tents and resort is just as impressive as the wildlife surrounding it. I love the leather, wood and white theme that keep the safari decor spirit alive while remaining minimal and luxurious.

Images via Aman Resorts


Steal His Style


_MG_1331 _MG_1198


My relationship with boyfriend jeans is a love/ hate one. I love the relaxed, cool look and how I always feel tough in them- no one can mess with me in my bf jeans [snap snap]. I hate them because they are baggy, hide my legs [I love showing some leg] and the relaxed fit + lower crotch = shorter looking legs! [gasp].

Taking inspiration from “the boyfriend” aesthetic I paired the jeans with a cutoff band tee, tucked the front of the shirt in the jeans casually and  sported studded heal boots. The boots gave added height without getting too girly in a wedge or heel [ though also totally doable]. The t-shirt has oversized arm holes, which I totally dig, it shows a little skin in a otherwise very covered look and the adorable bandeau underneath has a touch of feminine flair. When trying a men’s inspired look I suggest going feminine and soft with hair and make-up to contrast the lack of femininity in the looks silhouette.

jeans: Levi’s | top: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster | boots: Dolce Vita | laptop case: Manready | bracelet: Manready | bandeau: Free People

photography by Daniel Colvin Photography


Man-Haven, Manready

There is so much awesomeness going on at Manready Mercantile it’s hard to decide where to begin. The decor feels like a rustic hunting lodge reminiscent of a more rugged, outdoorsy Ralph Lauren. The merchandise is a one-stop-shop for quality goods from tobacco pipes, wall hangings, apparel and local coffee, making it a great destination when on the market for a man-gift. The unique thing I love about Manready is that everything is for sale. Their buyer is constantly out shopping for new antique pieces i.e. consoles, sofa’s & rugs etc. So you may find yourself walking out of the shop with anything from beard treatment oil to a leather tufted sofa!


321 W 19TH ST. SUITE B











 photos by the wonderful Daniel Colvin Photography  

Nude and Neon







top: aa | skirt: bar III | bag & necklace: blacktop junkies | shoes: ralph lauren

I’m rarely afraid to be too loud with my clothing but this neon trend [ which I love] can be a bit overwhelming. I love this pairing of subtle neon pops with a neutral home base. The colors and crop top are young and fun while the skirt length and shoes keep the classy feel to this look.

ps. I adore this clutch and necklace from BlackTop Junkies located on West Gray in Houston TX. More to come from them in the future!

photography by the lovely peiyi chen photography follow her @herpeitsubasakingcow

– Beatrice Brody


London Tower Cube Living

Its pouring rain outside as I sit in my new home in Houston, TX. Every once in a while I look up from the computer to take in the skyline view through the dense rain. Its quite relaxing and makes me think of London flats and town-homes. I came across this standout contemporary living space a top a london tower. The whole project was a water tower converted into a 7 story home designed and built by ACR Architects, however located on the front of the tower is “the cube”: a 980-square-foot, four-story space with kitchen, living, bath, garage and rooftop deck [haaayyy]. The decor is contemporary, clean and white with unique pops of color and pattern found throughout the house.

-Beatrice Brody

Remodel Update: Balcony Make-Over

When you don’t have a garden you can easily access the balcony becomes your connection to nature and outdoor relaxation. Some prefer the wild “I’m in a jungle photographing rare animals” approach to decorating their terrace while others mimic spas or pool sides where they visualize sipping drinks and tanning.

Our approach is to make the balcony and extension of the living room with a more lounge/ manicured garden feel. The tile is already down as we used the same tile throughout all the rooms. As you can see in the plans below the floor continues through the sliding glass doors out to the balcony creating the visual of a longer living room. The furniture decor plans haven’t wavered in these past months and while the balcony is way down on the priority list, patio season is around the corner and we are anxious to enjoy it!

 The vertical direction and full tile hallway layout is not only more visually pleasing but it saved tile cutting time and we even have boxes of left over.


To fully cover the balcony in tile required 3 full tiles and 3 inch more of cut tile, in our opinion that would have looked a little odd. Our solution was to lay 3 tiles down, uncut, and paint the remaining space grey turning it into a “gutter” for the water to flow easily during heavy rainfall or plant watering.


To bring in a green and garden like feel we were inspired by Restoration Hardware’s [surprise, surprise] store layout in Highland Village.  We imagine two long rectangular planters with a boxwood [or a more Houston climate friendly] plant placed parallel to each side of the balcony wall.  The building is already quite private but this will add more privacy and some lovely greenery visible from the living room and entrance as well.


Restoration Hardware

For seating we are slightly at odds. One of us [I’ll let you guess who so your opinions are unbiased] likes the idea of a lounge-y, comfortable spot to get sun and read [ blogs ] books; hello stay-cation!  While the other wants to still maintain comfort but go more with the idea that we are extending the living room- makes sense.

Restoration Hardware Ibiza Lounge Chair


With our lounge-y option we would have small side coffee table for drinks and snacks [wine, cheese and crackers, yum! ]. While the traditional seating route allows for a taller table with the option of dining outdoors, croissants and coffee?. We have not looked extensively for the outdoor tables but below are two viable options.

Crate & Barrel Bluestone Coffee Table

Homelegance Factory Square Wood End Table


The final question: settle the score what seating option do you prefer?

-Beatrice Brody









Drexel House, Houston Decor

Drexel House is a welcomed addition to the Houston food scene. Since discovering it, everyone that visits me in Houston gets treated to what has become my favorite cafe and restaurant. The lunch menu offers a delicious range of Italian inspired fare “from unique panini’s and sandwiches to kraft nepolitana pizzas. The dinner menu provides a contrast to their daytime menu, from braised lamb shanks, to charred octopus, to a mole accented filet”. Drexel recently added a brunch menu for the weekend and other than the mimosas, their “three little pigs” breakfast sandwich has become a favorite.

Decor wise I love the neutral white, beige and light grey tones. The entirety of the dining area is surrounded by windows allowing a great light to flow in and the feel that you are dining outside on the patio while still enjoying the cool AC inside [when summer hits Houston, thats a big plus]. One wall is is a giant chalkboard displaying the entire menu and the marble counter bar is perfect for grabbing one of their delicious Illy coffees and almond croissant.












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Located 3974 Westheimer Road in Houston, TX. Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. For more information or to place an order, please call 832-323-6451

Photography by Daniel Colvin Photography