Man-Haven, Manready

There is so much awesomeness going on at Manready Mercantile it’s hard to decide where to begin. The decor feels like a rustic hunting lodge reminiscent of a more rugged, outdoorsy Ralph Lauren. The merchandise is a one-stop-shop for quality goods from tobacco pipes, wall hangings, apparel and local coffee, making it a great destination when on the market for a man-gift. The unique thing I love about Manready is that everything is for sale. Their buyer is constantly out shopping for new antique pieces i.e. consoles, sofa’s & rugs etc. So you may find yourself walking out of the shop with anything from beard treatment oil to a leather tufted sofa!


321 W 19TH ST. SUITE B











 photos by the wonderful Daniel Colvin Photography  


Upcycle: Decor by Andreas Scheiger is Off the Wall!

The term upcycle cannot be more cleverly executed than by artist Andreas Scheiger with his vintage bicycle wall art Upcycle Fetish.

Clearly referencing mounted trophies such as dear or antelope heads, I feel his work reflects the new man who’s trophies are those of health, passion for exercise, functionality and wit in his decor [and isn’t afraid of the word decor].


Images of Andreas work via Corriere Della Sera


-Beatrice Brody